AOLTI round table

Company: Strategic Alliance

Testing and Data Annotation

AOLTI has established a partnership with the Butler Hill Group, a team of computational linguists, computer scientists and language experts. Their know-how in linguistic and functional testing will guarantee the expected high quality for your project or localized product.

Services and Expertise

  • Search Technology Development and Support
    • Query-result relevancy ranking and query analyses
    • Multi-language search
  • Language Resource Development
    • For Machine Translation, Search, Speech and Handwriting Recognition
    • Language model specifications
    • Lexicons and other word lists
    • Terminology support
    • Test data creation
  • Linguistic Test
    • For Machine Translation, Speech and Handwriting Recognition
    • Error Analysis
    • Test data verification
    • Independent evaluations of 3rd party dictionaries and Machine Translation systems
  • Project Management
    • Centralized workflow optimizes the use of linguistic resources worldwide
    • Vested in intelligent, scalable solutions
    • Established organizational memory to allow for re-use of tools and processes
    • Infrastructure for secure data transfer and data management

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