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Services: Branding Evaluation


AOLTI has extensive experience in evaluating branding and advertising copy for international and multinational use. We tailor evaluation formats to your needs, from simple evaluations to complete focus groups and interactive consultations. It’s the insurance you need against costly mistakes caused by misunderstandings and negative associations.


Advertising Copy, Slogans, Product Naming, etc.

Branding Evaluation Services in Detail

Branding evaluation for cultural appropriateness is not merely a measure of being politically correct, it is a necessary way of doing business in a global economy. AOLTI provides expert outside evaluation for branding and advertising copy to ensure cultural appropriateness before text is introduced to the foreign language speaking market.

You can avoid costly oversights when our professional evaluators provide information on potential misunderstandings, word associations, connotations, and general sentiments toward marketing text and branding proposals. Our services range from simple evaluations to a complete interactive consultation or focus group. Clients can tailor evaluation formats for our language specialists, or employ our effective evaluation system.