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Services: Translation


Whether you are looking to grow your business on a global scale or to enhance communication within your own organization, we are committed to your success by providing quality translation services. Translating the words is not enough. We work to a higher standard: a translated document must fit so flawlessly into the new cultural environment that a native speaker cannot tell it originated elsewhere.


Business, Technical, Legal, Medical, Product & Employee Manuals, Business Cards, Marketing Materials, etc.

Translation Services in Detail

Located in Seattle, AOLTI teams with highly-skilled translators and editors to deliver polished translations for:

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Contracts
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Legal Documents
  • Marketing Materials
  • Personal Documents
  • Product Packaging
  • Scientific & Medical Documents
  • Website Localization
  • Technical Manuals

Our Team Approach

We collaborate with our clients to produce translations that will leverage and expand their influence on international and domestic foreign language markets and demographics. Our project managers personally facilitate every project to ensure prompt service with the highest standards. In order to guarantee this, we implement the following management process:

  • Client sends project for review
  • AOLTI analyzes project, engages translation team with expertise in subject matter
  • AOLTI contacts client with price and turn-around time estimate
  • Client authorizes project launch
  • Source document is translated by professional translator(s) into their native language
  • Second-party editor checks translation for accuracy, consistency, completeness and style
  • Final proofreading by AOLTI, assuring precision in format and presentation
  • Translation delivered on time in client's choice of format

We ask our clients to provide electronic copies, or clear hardcopies, of the source documents. While translations into non-Western writing systems are delivered electronically using picture ready formats (including .pdf and .eps files), we work in most software applications and can deliver projects in the format of your choice.

When your success depends on meeting last-minute requests and tough deadlines, we are dedicated to addressing your time-sensitive situations while still providing translations of uncompromised quality.